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Native English speaking Counsellor  in Portimao, Algarve

Counselling is a unique opportunity for you to explore what is currently happening in your life. It may also involve exploring your past life to make sense of your present experiences.

As a Counsellor, my aim is to create the right conditions, such as being non-judgemental, and maintaining confidentiality and commitment, for you to safely explore what you need to explore during the short time we have together. A typical counselling contract for my clients and myself is a commitment to meet once a week, for one hour, and for a minimum period of six consecutive weeks.

Typical benefits of counselling:

-        Feel listened to without judgement - allowing you to explore whatever you want, without the need to feel embarrassed or ashamed.

-        Gain a new perspective on your life by unloading your emotions and verbalising your thoughts.

-        Letting out what you have kept bottled up can be a cathartic experience. You may leave some sessions feeling a lot lighter than when you arrived.

-        A commitment to yourself.

-        Feel less alone by sharing your inner world with someone else.

-        Everyday life can begin to feel a lot easier as you unravel your personal issues and let go of your bottled-up emotions.

-        Your physical health improves, e.g. you may have more energy, sleep better and have a healthier appetite for food.

-        A heightened sense of self awareness and inner confidence as you begin to see your internal world from an external perspective.

Fees: 60.00 Euros per hour

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