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Hypnotherapy by Paul Jokinen-Carter

The technique of hypnosis is a very powerful tool for changing patterns of behaviour, overcoming addictions, nerves and phobias, and building self confidence and self esteem. It is probably best known for helping long term smokers to give up their smoking habit, assisting people with weight loss, and coaching nervous candidates in preparation for that daunting interview or public talk.

As a Holisitic Therapist, I feel that I am a guide for my clients, whether I am offering counselling, reiki or hypnosis. And, although my role during the hypnosis session is to induce them into a very relaxed state, it is important to note, that they are in full control of the process. Once my clients are fully relaxed their own subconscious minds become more receptive to developing a different state of being, whether this is leaving behind the smoking habit, or starting the process of losing weight.

My clients come from all walks of life and present a wide range of issues. For example, a few months ago I helped a man overcome his phobia of snakes. He couldn't think about them, let alone go near one. But, after one trance session with me he is now able to think about them and even witness them on tv and 'live', in a more relaxed manner. At the moment I am working with a female client who has set a challenge for herself to lose 10 kilos. What has been useful for her is that her attitude to food and her eating habits have changed as a result of just two hypnotherapy sessions. She also had an addiction to sweets and this has been overcome with a very powerful repulsion technique that we conducted in her first session.

Here is my menu of special 'lockdown prices' that are valid until 30th September 2020

´Giving up smoking` a two hour session, plus a pre-talk using video chat - 75,00 euros (normal price is 150,00 euros)
´Weight loss` a two hour session, plus a pre-talk using video chat - 75,00 euros.
´Creating a fantastic future`, this is ideal for people stuck in their career or looking to make general changes in their lives, a 90 minute session, plus a pre-talk, using video chat - 50,00 euros (normal price is 75,00 euros)
´Overcoming your phobia`, a 90 minute session, plus a pre-talk using video chat - 50,00 euros (normal price is 75,00 euros)

Please note that you may require more sessions to overcome the issue you are currently dealing with.  I am not in the business to apply pressure on anyone to take more sessions, but what I will be curious about is your level of engagement with the therapeutic process. This has nothing to do with being lazy or being unmotivated, it is simply about the reality of how your mind and body works with the process.  I am very much 'client led' as I believe that any pressure from me can be self defeating. But at the same time I don't want you to give up on yourself just because after one session you haven't achieved your goal. And therefore I want to leave you with these wonderful quotes that may inspire you, “We must become the change we want to see.” — Mahatma Gandhi and “There is only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything.”— Vince Lombardi, and finally,“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

I can imagine that by now you are curious about how my work with hypnosis can help you, and if so please get in touch with me on +351 910 665 60. I offer a brief complementary consultation over the phone to ascertain what you would like to work on and then from there we can formulate a tailored programme to help you overcome your particular issue.

english Hypnotherapist in the Algarve