Indian Head Masssage in the Algarve

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What is Indian Head Massage?


Indian head massage is an ancient massage technique that can be traced back to the ancient ways of Ayurvedic Indian health care. It has been used for over 3,000 years to improve overall health. It is also known as champissage or shiroabhyanga.

How it is applied

The techniques focus on parts of the body that are most prone to tension and stress:






upper back 

The treatment includes kneading and manipulation of the neck and shoulder areas. The scalp is then massaged, using squeezing, tapping, or stroking motions.

Attention can also be given to: facial pressure points to relieve sinus pressure, increase alertness and stimulate circulation; the ears which are gently stroked and tugged; the scalp hair which is stretched, and tousled.

Conditions it can treat

Through a variety of massage movements, Indian head massage also restores joint motion and aids in the condition and health of hair resulting in improved hair growth.

It helps to improve mental clarity and rejuvenate the mind and body. Although treatments include massage of the back, arms, shoulders and neck, head massage and face massage make up the main parts of the treatment.

The symptoms of migraine and headaches can also be relieved completely or reduced in strength.

How is a treatment conducted?

It is typically conducted through the clothes and performed with the client sitting on a standard stool/chair or a special upright massage bench/chair. As the technique is


easy to apply over a blouse or shirt, Indian head massage is ideal for people who are modest or for less able bodied such as the elderly people, or those who have arthritis or a disability. Some treatments may include the use of special oils, which are also beneficial to hair growth. It can be performed almost anywhere and requires less time than a body massage treatment, typically lasting about thirty to fifty minutes.

This is therefore ideal for busy people who may have only thirty minutes to spare in their lunch hour or on their way to or from work.

30 minutes 30.00€ and

50 minutes 45.00€

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