Mobilisation Therapy/ Kalevala Treatment

Finnish Mobilization Therapy/ Kalelevalainen Jasenkorjaus

Kalevala Therapy or Mobilisation Therapy (Kalevalainen Jasenkorjaus)

 What can it do to help me?

An initial treatment can help reduce tension in the muscles (and their connective tissues); improve tissue fluid and blood circulation, and bring back nerve functions to their natural state and misaligned joints to their correct position.

What is different about Kalevala Therapy compared to other treatments?

It is an holistic approach to healing the body, meaning that a treatment includes all the anatomical areas, starting with feet and legs and finishing with the head. The benefit here is that the Practitioner discovers for him/herself how a client's body is performing.

For this reason, Kalevala Therapy Practitioners have to be highly experienced in areas such as body balance, tissue abnormalities, the connections between the nerve pain experienced by the client and the actual source of the problem. For example, a painful hip joint (self diagnosed by the client), may actually be caused by a misalignment somewhere else in the body, e.g. a curve, scoliosis in spine, or they may simply have one leg longer than the other. The latter is quite common, and once the legs are evenly matched again clients feel taller, more aligned in their body and often free of pain.

What can I expect from a treatment?

In session one the practitioner will listen to your own diagnosis and make a few notes. He/She will then conduct their own diagnosis to identify any other musculoskeletal abnormalities and their possible causes. Then the treatment begins. 

The practitioner will mobilise various parts of your body by: 

(a) stretching each of your limbs and joints, using gentle pressure and your own natural movements to improve their mobility. 


(b) working with your own voluntary movements of your support structures, e.g. getting you to make small rocking movements when he/she are working on your back. This encourages any misalignments to go back to their correct position.  

How long is a treatment?

It take about 90 - 120 minutes and will include as outlined above, and therefore may aid in a speedier recovery.

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